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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Lady Lake, Florida

Offering Compassionate Representation in Lady Lake

When a loved one passes, it is always difficult – even more so when there is evidence that their death could have been avoided or prevented. Wrongful death is the term used to describe the type of lawsuit the family of the deceased bring against the responsible business, person, or entity.

At Ayres Cluster Law Firm, our wrongful death attorneys in Lady Lake have been handling these types of cases since 1950. We can help your family fight for justice and receive the compensation you are owed.

What Is Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death action is separate from any lawsuit that may have been initiated on behalf of the deceased person for losses resulting from injuries. For procedural purposes, the earlier action is often combined with the wrongful death action into one lawsuit.

When You Need the Best Wrongful Death Attorney in Lady Lake, Florida

At Ayres Cluster Law Firm, we have handled significant, multi-million dollar wrongful death cases. We know first-hand how devastating it is to lose a loved one. Your pain is further compounded when you find out that your loved one’s death could have been avoided or prevented. These are difficult matters to face, but you are not alone in this. Our wrongful death attorneys in Lady Lake have over 100 years of combined legal experience and know how to handle even the most difficult of cases. We will work hard to ensure you are fairly compensated for your loss and that wrongdoers are held accountable under the law.

Situations that may result in wrongful death include:

In a wrongful death lawsuit, it can be difficult to determine damages. The family of the deceased should be compensated not only for medical bills and funeral expenses, but also for their pain and loss that comes from having a member of their family taken away unexpectedly and negligently. Determining these damages usually involves evaluating the surviving family members’ human losses that follow when the wrongful death of a loved one occurs.