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Sexual Assault in Dunnellon

Sexual Assault Lawyers in Dunnellon

Defending Victims of Sexual Assault in Dunnellon

Sexual assault is unfortunately prevalent in our society. It can happen to men, women, youth, and elderly, and it can happen anywhere at any time. We are here to stand up for you and help you seek justice. If you are a survivor of sexual assault and are looking for a Dunnellon sexual assault lawyer, contact Ayres, Cluster, & Collins, P.A.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault refers to sexual contact or behavior that occurs without consent. This is an intentional act that often aims to force a person to perform a sexual act against their will. Sexual assault includes rape, domestic violence, groping, and attempted rape.

Sexual assault oftentimed goes unreported, and some victims often feel afraid to step forward. Some victims give up after stepping forward because of nothing being done. As a sexual assault survivor, you have the right to seek justice and compensation for this wrongdoing.

Who is Liable in a Sexual Assault Case?

In a sexual assault lawsuit, the following may be held liable:

Compensation for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault cases can be deeply traumatic. You may be able to receive compensation for the following:

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At Ayres Cluster Law Firm, we understand the difficulty sexual assault victims face when stepping forward about their experience. We are on your side, and want to help you get justice. Our experienced attorneys will hold sexual offenders responsible both legally and financially. When you need us, we are there for you, even after hours and on weekends. When you need a compassionate sexual assault lawyer who makes you a priority, contact Ayres Cluster Law Firm.

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