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Common Causes of Golf Cart Accidents

More than 15,000 people suffer injuries in golf cart accidents every year. Children and seniors have the greatest risk of all, making up nearly 60% of all golf cart accidents. That raises a necessary question: What are the most common causes of golf cart accidents?

Sharp Turns

Reckless golf cart driving, or even an accelerated U-Turn, can throw a passenger from the vehicle, resulting in road rash and blunt trauma. This is because most golf carts do not have seatbelts. While drivers can brace the steering wheel, passengers have nothing holding them in place.

Overloaded Carts

Most two-seater golf carts can manage a load of about 450lbs—usually enough for two 200lb riders. However, the engine and brakes can become overworked when extra passengers grab onto the sidebars or attempt to squeeze into the cart. An overloaded golf cart is difficult to brake and accelerate, increasing the chances of throwing passengers from the vehicle during a sharp turn and subsequent collision.

Distracted Driving

Some golf cart drivers believe it’s safe to use their cellphones while driving because the cart is small, slow, and unlikely to cause much damage. That is a dangerous misconception.

Golf cart accidents caused by distracted driving are more dangerous than regular car accidents, despite the reduced speed, because golf carts have far fewer safety features and less bulk between the driver and the force of impact.


DUIs make up a shocking number of golf cart accidents for the same reasons as distracted driving. Drivers assume operating a golf cart under the influence is less risky than driving a car. That’s only a half-truth. Pedestrians struck by golf carts are more likely to survive, but golf cart drivers are far more likely to suffer a severe injury or even death as a result of driving under the influence.

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