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Wrongful Death

bigstock-Justice-Is-Served-1338028-300x270When a loved one passes it is always difficult – even more so when there is evidence that their death could have been prevented. Wrongful Death is the term used to describe the type of lawsuit the family of the deceased could bring against the responsible party. The attorneys of Ayres Cluster Law Firm have been handling these types of cases helping victims here in the Ocala area since 1946, and we can help your family get the justice you deserve.


A wrongful death action is separate from any lawsuit that may have been initiated on behalf of the deceased person for losses resulting from injuries. For procedural purposes, the earlier action is often combined with the wrongful death action into one lawsuit.


In a wrongful death lawsuit, the issue of damages can become quite complicated. There is the matter of medical bills to pay for the care of the person who was injured as well as the final expenses. In addition, there is the consideration of the loss or absence of the person who has died, and the related damage to the family. Determining these damages usually involves evaluation of loss of income and what probably would have occurred in the future.


These are difficult matters to face, the attorneys of Ayres Cluster Law Firm have over 130 years combined trial experience and will be sensitive to your situation.   We will work hard to ensure you get fair compensation for your loss.  Call or fill out the form at the bottom right of this screen to schedule a free consultation.

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