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Truck Accidents

bigstock-Close-Call-Crash-with-a-Tracto-6433734With over 19 million residents and 90 million visitors each year, Florida naturally has a very large demand for products hauled by commercial trucks. As a result big rigs, tankers and tractor trailers fill our highways as they deliver their products to various destinations in the state. Not surprisingly, there are frequent accidents involving both commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, with car passengers typically sustaining the worst injuries. The trucking companies as well as their insurance providers hire attorneys to handle these cases and you should too. Car passengers involved in a trucking accident and/or their loved ones should never speak to a representative of the trucking company or an insurance company about the accident or the injuries sustained without first consulting an attorney experienced with this type of situation.


If you or someone you care about has been injured in a trucking accident, the attorneys of Ayres Cluster Law Firm have over 130 years combined trial experience and have been representing accident victims in the area for over 70 years.  We will work hard to ensure you get fair compensation for your injuries. Call or fill out the form at the bottom right of this screen to schedule a free consultation.

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