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Boating Accidents

bigstock-Luxury-Speed-Boat-2708162Boating accidents in Florida are caused by a variety of situations including capsized vessels, falls overboard, failure to wear a life jacket and collision. These tragedies often end in injury, trauma and even drowning. Whether your boating accident involves fishing vessels, speed boats or water skis, the attorneys at Ayres Cluster Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to assist you with the difficult legal aspects of your tragedy, helping you recover both physically and financially.


If you or someone you care about has been injured in a boating accident, the attorneys of Ayres Cluster Law Firm have over 130 years combined trial experience and have been representing accident victims in the area for over 70 years.  We will work hard to ensure you get fair compensation for your injuries. Call or fill out the form at the top left of this screen to schedule a free consultation.


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